A Place to Rest Your Head

This past weekend my extended family came to visit us, they live in Regina. They had to go to a specialist in Winnipeg so they thought they would break up the drive and see some family along the way.

It’s always one of my fondest memories as a child is driving to Regina to see them. The best part was staying at a hotel, not just any hotel, it had to be one with a water slide. To a child a water slide at your hotel is the coolest thing in the entire world, not just a pool but a water slide! So it makes utmost sense that when they come to visit us their kids always have to stay at a hotel with a water slide as well. Hey, I’m not complaining, I get to relive in childhood happy days and slide down that water slide all night long!

The reason for writing this post was to brag about how much of an amazing time I had at this hotel. I was really blown away by their customer service and the overall quality of staff they had at the Days Inn. We had a few too many people in our room to allow for comfortable seating. The staff at the front desk went above and beyond and went to get us some extra chairs so we could have enough seats for everyone.I’ve never had such accommodating service at a hotel before, my hat goes off to you guys!

We always have the best time with my family, eating lots of food and watching football (you know how much they love their “terrible” Rough Riders). So it was just really nice being able to spend some quality time with all of them, it was short but sweet.

Until next time, catch ya’ll on the flip side.



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