Why Hire a Professional Bartender For Your Next Party?

Shopping Help: A professional bartender will have that experience and is able to help you plan what and how much to buy. In a simple conversation we are able to learn about the preferences of the group being served and suggest popular drink selections or maybe even some custom cocktails! Whats worse then going to a party and all the good stuff in gone within the hour, thats what can be avoided. It’s a lot less stressful when you know all your guests will be able to enjoy delicious cocktails all night long without worrying about if you’ll run out of anything.

Set Up and Clean Up: Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about setting everything up? Even better, cleaning everything up? Let the professionals assist you with that, and you’ll be surprised how much easier your life will be come. Another added bonus is during the party when the bartender isn’t directly needed they can walk around the room and tidy up any glasses and garbage that may be in the way.

The Overly Drunk Friend: I know I know, we all have one of these! We love them to pieces but in reality they cannot handle their alcohol. Having a bartender can help with monitoring them and if need be cutting them off so you don’t get vomit on that fancy fur rug your mother bought you for Christmas. Best thing about it, there’s no harsh feelings towards the host since it wasn’t their fault! Blame it all on the bartender, its okay thats what we do best. Make sure everyone has a FUN and SAFE night!

Drink Selections: We all have those moments when we REALLY wish we could have that fancy drink we had the other weekend at the bar. Well you’re in luck! Bartenders come with a vast repertoire of drink recipes to choose from. Not only that, but they just know what goes good together, so they can work with your options being able to create that perfect drink for you.

Feeling Like a Guest: Everyone knows how its much easier to be a guest at a party compared to the person hosting it. Seriously, a world of a difference! Well when you have a bartender you actually have that opportunity to feel like a guest at your own party. Allowing you to open up and enjoy yourself every step of the way.

A Touch of Class: Hiring a professional bartender adds something very valuable to any party or gathering. It’s not just a touch of class but also a party booster! Ever notice how everything always hangs around the bar? It’s a fun, positive and sociable place! They can keep the party going with ease. Plus, really now. How fancy does it sound to tell your guest to head on over and the bartender will serve them a drink? Effortless.

Trust me when I say this, the small price tag on this service is by far worth all the perks it brings. So next time your thinking about hosting an event, make sure you look up your local Mobile Bartending Company and keep the good times rolling!

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