3 Essential Tips for Planning The Perfect Road Trip

The Perfect Road Trip

GPS: One that is NOT your phone is the preferred method. Those will not cost you anything extra when traveling to use data that you phone might do. It’s always better to be safe and put your phones data off to insure no additional charges are being added to your bill!

Fun Fact: Even if your turn off your cellular data your gps location will still pick up and continuing updating along as you travel so if your in a pinch you can see where you are!


its always good to be even more prepared and bring along an old school map, like the kind your grandparents used to use before they had all this fancy technology and such. Best place to find one…ask your family and if that fails go to a dollar store or a convenience store and you will have no issue finding one there!

Frequent Stops: So we all know how annoying traveling with children can be, “Are we there yet?” is the most common words that you will be hearing for hours on end. You will soon find out how much better your car companions will be when they have got some fresh air and a bit of a leg stretch.

BONUS: If you have small children take them to a McDonalds or a place that has a place structure environment for kids to go burn some steam! A park works great in summer and if you have a ball, any field will fill that role as well.

Spontaneity: This is the final and most important step to having optimal success when it comes to a perfect road trip! We have all heard those sayings “You have to stop and smell the roses” or all those cliche statements like…”It’s not about the destination its about the journey”. Well as annoying as those wall decals plastered on the living room wall may be, the truth of the mater is that there is some truth in that. Life is so busy, people are in a constant state of hustle and bustle and sometimes they forget to see the beauty right before their eyes. Practicing mindfulness and being aware in the present helps to open up our eyes and realize true gratefulness.

Sure it’s good to be prepared, hey thats why your reading about a successful road trip! But try not to be too concerned about sticking to the road trip itinerary and open yourself up to some random fun. Because those are the memories that we will remember the longest!

So what are you waiting for? Go start planning your next family adventure today, and most importantly…Have Fun!