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Why hello again! Last night a friend and I were pondering what to do with our evening. Sometimes it feels like there’s just nothing to do in your hometown. Been there done that is the general attitude that tends to get us down. Well! Let me tell you about something that is generally on the newer side of things but is starting to take over like wild fire, and I can see why!

They are called Escape Rooms, I know it sounds a lot more creepy then it actually is. The objective of these is to solve a series of puzzles in order to successfully leave the room. The puzzles consist of a few different types. There are puzzle types with numbers and letters, as well riddle types of puzzles. My favourite type of puzzle that I came across was object puzzles. I don’t want to give any thing away so I will not go into describing what those are but they definitely involve some strategic thinking!

There is also a process that you must solve the puzzles in, for example, there is two different starting points where you must solve the first puzzle which gives you a clue for the second. Also, there is usually a lot of locks involved, and a variety of different locks to be exact. Some I’ve never even seen in my entire life, which makes it that much more challenging to work with.

Another thing I noticed while doing this awesome escape room was that you must be organized! It’s important not to use the same clue twice so its crucial that you set those aside as to not get mixed up with any “in play” clues. I made that mistake myself, and believe me it set us back a bit! I completely forgot to tell about the time limit. You only have a hour to solve all the puzzles, so you must be careful not to waste any time at all!

I think it’s vital to mention that it’s important to come with a good group of people. I learned that the hard way, since most rooms suggest a minimum of four people with a maximum of eight. It was only two of us trying to work our way out of this escape room, which made things a bit more difficult. I think it would be good to have a well rounded group of people as well. It’s a great time to play on everyones differences, there’s many different types of thinkers in the world and now is the best time to gather them all up!

OKAY, let’s talk about how much of an amazing business idea this is. Charging $20 per head, say you have a group of 6 people on average. That’s $120 in only a hour, these places are open during the day and evening and they book up far in advance. Roughly 12 hours in a day, totally around $2,400 daily income. Expenses are very minimal as well since it really only is an office or building rental that you need. Along with employees of course and such maintenance expenses and up-keeping costs, it’s a pretty high return!

Sadly I have to admit that we did not make it out of the room before the time ran out. I think next time I would like to come with more people and try out a different room, I’m optimistic that we will make it out!

Well I hope this post inspired you to go out and tackle an escape room near you, or if you really want, come to Brandon Manitoba and check this one out! I cannot recommend it enough!

Bye for now!

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